Road traffic law is in place to keep us all safe and whilst the rules are clear and easy to understand, even the most careful driver can commit a motoring offence.

The penalty for committing a road traffic offence can be detrimental to your way of life, particularly if you are at risk of losing your licence which could leave you unable to work or make an income.  

Our Motoring Offence Department is headed up by an expert road traffic solicitor whose tenacious attitude and vast experience has led to Qamar Solicitors being one of the most renowned road traffic solicitors in Yorkshire.

Whether you have committed a minor road traffic offence or a more serious motoring offence, you can trust that our team of experts will be there to advise you on all aspects of the law relating to the motoring offence you are charged with, and ensure your rights are fully protected. 

Unlike many road traffic solicitors, Qamar Solicitors offer a free of charge initial telephone conference where you can talk to a fully qualified road traffic solicitor.   

If you’ve been charged or expect to be charged with any motoring offence, contact us right away.

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